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Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a treatment that uses the hair follicles from the donor area located mainly on the back of the head in order to transplant them in those areas that have alopecia. With the advent of the FUE ARTAS method the side effects of the hair transplant surgery have been siginificantly reduced. We're no longer dealing with large, ugly scars and long recovery time, which was the case with the conventional FUT method. The FUE method has revolutionized this field of surgery and become number one. New technologies that automate this method cause great results for the patients. FUE hair transplantation has been improved even more thanks to the development of automation. Also in this case, Dr. Gregory Turowski became one of the first specialists using robots for hair transplantation

The revolutionary
ARTAS® robotic system

Utilizes a computer-assisted image guidance technology to increase the number and quality of usable hair follicles gathered from donor sites.

The ARTAS robotic device is an image-guided system composed of a robotic arm, needle punch mechanism, disposable proprietary dermal punches, video imaging system, disposable cartridges, and a user interface. Its extraction technique consists of a double punch arrangement with an inner punch and outer punch. The inner punch has cutting capabilities to score the upper most part of the skin and the outer punch has a blunt edge used for dissection of the follicular units from the surrounding tissue that minimizes injury to the grafts


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